Project was completed in August 2019
Art Space 88
What was done
Logo and visit cards design, presentation, social media branding, emails design, social media design and moodboard, t-shirts design, 4 ads banners with all recises/colors, Art and design package, guidelines, design of flagman office or shop (space) not more then 100 m.
Coffee/Gallery/Lecture Hall .The concept of a coffee gallery lecture hall is an intriguing one. It would be a place where people could come to enjoy coffee, view artwork, and listen to lectures or speakers. The atmosphere of the space could be relaxed and inviting, with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light. The artwork on display could vary from local artists to nationally known ones, and the lectures could range from topics related to the art to anything else that would be of interest to the general public.
The lecture hall could also be used for special events, such as book readings or workshops. Additionally, the space could also be used for private events, such as corporate meetings or weddings. With its combination of coffee, art, and education, a coffee gallery lecture hall would be a great addition to any community.

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