We have been working on the project from July 2021 to the present.
What was done
We conducted a rebranding, established a 3-year marketing strategy and tactics, created a presentation, designed branding materials for social media, crafted social media design and moodboard, designed t-shirts, produced 4 advertising banners with all required sizes/colors, prepared an artistic and design package, developed guidelines, designed a flagship office or store space (area not exceeding 100 square meters), performed rebranding, generated visual content for social media, and also designed the website.
Marfa Cabinets is a Chicago-based manufacturer of exquisite kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. We blend modern and traditional design to create a new yet timeless look without compromising practical storage needs. Our incredibly talented team of professional designers and craftsmen will assist you in realizing your dream project down to the smallest details.
Our products are developed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in the state of Illinois, using the latest materials and equipment imported from Europe to ensure the highest quality.

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