Influencer Marketing: Benefits


In 2022 saw influencer marketing sky-rocket to the top of the charts, and this trend is projected to keep gaining momentum in 2023. Marketers are investing in influencers more than ever before, with 89% of those currently engaging in influencer marketing choosing to increase or maintain their investment. Plus, 17% of marketers are planning to dive in for the first time in 2023. Rather than relying on celebrity influencers with millions of followers, many marketers are turning to micro-influencers. These social media promoters may have only thousands to tens of thousands of followers, but their posts often have greater impact due to their higher level of engagement. The trustworthiness of these influencers is a bonus too. As they are considered “everyday” people, their audiences are more likely to believe their opinions and recommendations. Take Rosie, for example, or The Londoner, a popular travel and lifestyle influencer with over 330k followers. Her posts often garner 11% engagement, with almost 36,000 likes. When searching for the right influencer to collaborate with, it's important to look beyond the follower count. True influence lies in engagement rates - how many clicks, subscribers, and purchases were made.#InfluencerMarketing

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